Presentation of Community Association Gúth-Keled Idegenforgalmi és Természetvédelmi

Our association has been established for over 25 years in 1992 and this Association is one active participant of NGOs sector in Nyíradony and surroundings. The members of the Association are financial, technic, economic and social experts.

The basic aim of the Association is the tourism development and the creation of conditions for active recreation – based on effects experiences emerged from hunting, sport and tourism – and corroboration of environment protection with the management of the existing hunting and forest resources and with the activities regarding to the free time spending and standards of living.

The Association area of working is especially in Nyírség,area where is the largest forest of oaks, oaks with carps, churches historical monuments and natural protection areas. Presentation of natural values has more advantages: people who are living here will know better and will protect better the areas and people who are not living here will receive information that can conduct to the increase of interest and in this way will effect the development of thematic tourism.

The Association obtained many results in the last periods. From these results we mention the entire renovation of Gencsy Residency and the administration of these building as a accommodation location in the framework of one financed project. Our Association applied in 12.01.2019 for one project submitted to the Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development, program financed by the Ordinance no. 137/2008 (X.18) issued by Ministry of Agricultural Territories Administrator through measure “Transformation in accommodations of the lordly residences” and with the aim to protect the buildings that are in the category of local patrimony. In the reconstruction the entire building was renovated, the entire electric system was changed and the building has become accessible for people with disabilities.

In 2015 in the framework of European Agricultural and Rural Development Fund, in line with the Regulation no 21/2015 (IV.17) regarding to the development of basic services for economic development and for inhabitants of rural areas in line with the article 8 § (2) regarding to Regulation no. 1/2000 (I.7) issued by Ministry of Social Affairs and Families regarding to maintaining of social institutions, art. 5/A § our Association obtained one financial aid to purchase one minibus having capacity of 9 peoples with the aim to generate programmes (families, social, low level of education, gender, origins, etc.) in the working territories of the Association for the disadvantaged people who are looking for personal conciliating, individual mentoring programs and direct counselling or people who are organising community activities.


The aim of the project is the realisation of one environment projection development in the area of South-East of Nyírség (sandy area of Carei) and in the South Nyírség (Ligetalja), environment protection based on strengthening of existing protected plants funds named Hungarian Iris (Iris aphylla hungarica).

In the framework of the project basic activity, strengthening of existing plant funds,we will organise the process of informing the society. In this activity the Hungarian Iris will be one flowering plant, one endemic and derivation of this plant and the natural areas NATURA 2000 will receive the basic role in the project. It is important to offer information about the local and regional protection of natural values by taking into consideration of the general aspects of the environment and nature.

The development proposed in the area of Foieni Forest and area of Foieni locality will offer the possibility to strengthen the fund of Hungarian Iris and other indigenous plants from the NATURA 2000 target area of the project. With the aim to protect natural habitat the presentation of the project will be realised not in these areas, but we will use thematic bike routes and at the extreme parts of this routes we will offer various presentations. Connected with these activities will be purchased bikes, will be placed out information boards and will be realised one application for cell phones.

In the framework of the project will be realised one garden with indigenous plants at Gencsy Residency in Nyíradony-Szakolykert. With the aim to present the natural resources we will realise one filagory with benches, tables, informative billboards having total surface 30 m2.

With the aim of separate usage of Gencsy Residency and the present investment we will realise one separate sanitary space and one storage for bikes.

In the framework of the project will be organised numerous events with the aim to create tradition. The events will be organised at the extreme points of bike tours, but in same time bike tournaments in the entire bike route. With the aim to sustain technically these events in the framework of the project we will buy one event tent, one mobile scene and 3 mobile rest points will be created.


Closing date of the project: 31.07. 2020



 Partnership for a better future.

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